Four Fundamental Aspects Regarding Behaviour Regarding Church Of Jesus Christ

Before I answer this we need to clear up one very important issue and that may be the issue of whom we are bringing up. Things that we often think are very straight forward frequently turn out always be not

Taking One Steps As The Christian

Walking in love is very important because “faith worketh by love” (Gal 5:6). Your faith will not produce anything if having it . walking in want. Faith is like the car and love is what you devote the gas tank.

Christianity Began With Roman Criminality

In these opening verses of Acts Chapter 13 in the New Testament, there exists a most beautiful picture of leadership from our Church – five men ministering unto the Lord – five men worshipping the Living God – five men

Christian Singer Ray Boltz Is Homosexual?

The most enjoyable moments are the one’s that adhere to our memories. We like to to hold in order to those fond recollections of visiting the beach, traveling, and having coffee using a beloved friend. We wouldn’t trade those experiences

Death And Life And Also The Bible

Karen Williamson has written some of the cutest story books about Jesus produced by the Bible for youths. Each one is an e-book that tells the stories of each thing from the Bible to where we can give away to


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Understanding Man’s Relationship With God

It is predictable that the Two Witnesses would present a book to the world that unseals the prophecies of Daniel and John. God told Daniel and John they would unseal their prophecies at the end of time. Are generally at

Looking In The Eyes Of Jesus Part 2

John knows that it is God’s intention and God’s desire that people should not failure. He is very clear about this in the first letter he writes and we possess a copy of it in the New Testament. Do read

Jesus Christ: The True Messiah

In these opening verses of Acts Chapter 13 inside of New Testament, you will find there’s most beautiful picture of leadership from my Church – five men ministering unto the Lord – five men worshipping the Living God – five

Cadillac XTS Sedan

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